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PRLog (Press Release) – Mar. 20, 2013 – BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — As a wise man once said, “No man is an Island.” In Hollywood, no greater proof of this basic tenant is needed than the Academy Awards and other awards shows.

While we spend the evening celebrating people of exceptional talent, we are always reminded that it takes a team of talented, dedicated people to make films of exceptional quality.

“At Ostrow and Company, we are building our team to utilize our talented people in service to those film makers of outstanding talent,” says Page Ostrow, President of Ostrow and Company in an interview at the Hollywood Film Awards.  “We provide a critical link as Producer Representatives to film makers as an access point to film distributers.”

Ostrow and Company, best known for working on films such as Juvies and American Drug War, works to link teams of distributors to film makers.  Page Ostrow works to pull the best teams together; “On a regular day I might gets a call about a documentary, another about an action thriller, and then another different documentary; while at the same time my staff is pulling together packets on the next day’s calls about a feature length comedy and a drama. Each of these films needs a different team and a different plan.”

“Forming the right team or bringing the people together is the first step.  We have film scouts out there every day at every festival looking for new films and new film makers, looking for new projects to team up with,” Page says.  “We get a fair number of referrals from previous clients, including A-List Celebrities and A-List Film Makers.”

After coming together, Ostrow and Company brain storm with the film makers, trying to learn where the film maker’s passion with the film lies and how best the Ostrow team can work together with the film maker and the film distributor.

“Negotiating is my specialty,” says Ostrow.  Ostrow and Company has a track record of finding homes for films that have made the rounds to studios and distributors, but haven’t been snatched up.  The documentary Juvies had been passed over by HBO twice before Executive Producers John Desnmore and Mark Walberg engaged Ostrow and Company.  Within a week, Ostrow had a bidding war between Showtime and HBO.  As a result of this documentary about child offenders being tried as adults, one of the subjects in the film had his prison sentence reduced by 25 years.

Teamwork and collaboration are critical to the successful creation and distribution of a film.  A Producer’s Representative strives to bring together the passion of the film maker and the needs of the studios in a collaborative atmosphere.

For more information on Ostrow and Company, please visit their website:

Film Scouts

Film Scouts

Our scouts are the liaisons to the filmmakers and creative community attending film festivals and screenings. Our Story Analysts evaluate scripts and create detailed notes to clarify coverage, regarding story, structure, plot, characters, and dialog. Their valuable reports are used to help determine the overall appeal of the material.

Live at Palm Desert Paribas Open -Page Ostrow

Live at Palm Desert Paribas Open

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