Screenplay to the Big-Screen: Independent Film Distribution Panel Sheds Light

Page Ostrow and Company

Screenplay to the Big-Screen: Independent Film Distribution Panel Sheds Light

Screenplay to the Big-Screen: Independent Film Distribution Panel Sheds Light

Raleigh Studios Hollywood, CA May 5th, 2013

One of the most thought over questions that independent filmmakers have is: “How do we obtain the finances to get our project made, and more importantly, how do we get our film distributed after it’s completion?”

The tough questions were answered at this years Independent Film Distribution panel at the International Family Film Festival lead by Page Ostrow; Founder and President of Ostrow and Company Replix Inc. Producer’s Representative, Shauna Shapiro Jackson; Co-Founder and Executive VP of Showcase Entertainment, Alex Barder; Managing Partner of Strategic Film Partners, and Linda Olszewski; VP of Global Acquisitions for Shorts International.

The panel was held after a breakfast and reception the morning of the final day of the festival where many filmmakers and industry executives gathered to hear the four executives speak on independent film distribution. The discussion started out with a brief introduction by each panelist explaining what their companies can offer filmmakers. Almost immediately, the conversation turned into a frank discussion about what each of the companies look for when deciding on films and the process of selecting the few films that will be selected and move on to be championed by a particular company in the industry. Those in attendance were pleased to receive answers on all aspects of film finance and producer representation.

Towards the end, the panel was turned over to the audience for a question and answering session where media and independent filmmakers were allowed to ask tough industry questions. The exchanges between the industry panelist’s and the audience members were highly informative and encouraging for all in attendance. After the panel concluded, audience members were delighted to have a first hand opportunity to speak one on one with the panelists to further ask questions and get advice. The independent film distribution panel was a great way to start of the final day of the 2013 International Family Film Festival.

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