Ostrow and Company Closes Two-Picture Deal for Tomme Tønner!


Ostrow hotshots close a two picture deal today before we head out to enjoy Downtown LA & Outfest festivities this weekend.


Leon Bashir & entourage came in from Norway with their “Pulp Fiction meets the Hangover” Tomme Tonner film franchise.


Dustin Hoffman on Tootsie and What it Means to Be a Woman

Dustin Hoffman has always been one of our favorite actors, but he’s really stood out recently for his touching remarks on feminine beauty and sexism.

If you haven’t seen the video yet, watch it here: 


Page Ostrow and Dustin Hoffman at the Hollywood Film Awards.

Page Ostrow and Dustin Hoffman at the Hollywood Film Awards.


Festival badge.

Festival badge.

Last night Ostrow & Company’s LK Avelar attended Opening Night for OutfestKimberly Peirce, director of Boys dont crywas given the Outfest Achievement Award and recognized for being one of the leading chroniclers of the LGBT experience. Heros were mentioned, heros were defined, and heros were created as once again, love was the underlying theme of OUTFEST 2013. Stay tuned for more as the festival continues throughout next week!

‘In the Hour of Victory’ Signs With Ostrow and Company!


Page and team with ‘In the Hour of Victory’ author Jonathan Smith.

Here’s what Jonathan Smith said about the ‘In the Hour of Victory’ film being signed with Ostrow and Company!

The centre of the film industry is Hollywood. To partner with Page Ostrow and her team who have extensive experience in navigating through the complex environment of the film industry just made good business sense. Page and her team work in that environment every day. -Jonathan Smith, Author, ‘In the Hour of Victory’

Read the full article here: http://bernews.com/2013/06/victory-deal-with-california-film-company/

For more about Ostrow & Company, go to http://www.ostrowandcompany.com

‘a fish story’ Reviewed by LA Splash!

‘a fish story’ Reviewed by LA Splash!

One of our newest clients, ‘a fish story’, is featured in LA Splash! Here’s what they’re saying about Ostrow and Company:

‘At the International Family Film Festival, I met Page Ostrow, of Ostrow and Company, a producer’s representative.’   Within two weeks of signing with Page, the movie, which he didn’t think had a chance of being seen by the powers that be, now has a bidding war going with the possibility of a short theatrical run.  ‘Page shared a passion for the film and I, as a greenhorn, needed her guidance and expertise.  I’m so amazed at all the doors she’s opened for us.’

For more about Page Ostrow or Ostrow and Company, go to: www.ostrowandcompany.com